How long does it take?

Door 2-3 hours, a house 3-4 days

What colours do you spray?

We can match any of the colours from these manufacturers

We spray all RAL Colours, Farrrow & Ball and BASF but we can match to your specifications. Giving you an endless and limitless choice of colours.

How much does it cost?

Prices differ depending on what you require...

We can come out to do a site survey, things we take into consideration include: how many windows, size of windows, we take photos and assess your property to give you the correct evaluation. If a job is more than 10-15 mile away we ask prospective client to send detailed photos of each window, any dangerous climbs, do we need scaffolding (which would be an extra cost) for any dangerous climbs. All of our jobs include removal of old sealer and replace with matching coloured sealer to give a perfect uniformed finish. We detail what we need before we price a job.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. We offer a two year guarantee on all our work against cracking, flaking, peeling of paint.

And our paint manufacturers also offer a 6 year guarantee on their products.